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12.sept | Equicez + Zaturno | Blå

Torsdag 12. september:


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Equicez + Zaturno (Chile)

Equicez er tilbake på Blå og har tatt med seg Zaturno fra Chile som nylig spilte på Melafestivalen!

De negative kidsa i Equicez som sverga på at de skulle være barnslige mennesker så lenge de levde er tilbake. Og jada, også de vokste opp til slutt, men så mye mer positive har de ikke blitt. Dette er ikke glad-rap. Det er danse-med-djevelen. Det er darkness. Stagediving ut i moshpits. Det er tilbake til før i tida. Da rap fortsatt var hardcore.

Equicez slapp “Stage Of Extinction” i Mai 2013, nesten nøyaktig ti år etter de slapp den legendariske “State of Emergency – Generation Equiz” på Pass It Records.

Juan Lagos was born in Santiago , Chile on April 4 of 1981 . He began his career as a rapper after approaching the ranks of Tiro de Gracia in 1995 , built by his previous experience in collective rap and dance as Ki-Clan of Puente Alto , and Los Tapia, Florida , and picking up his first debut album Human Being! . At just 16 years old, active in the production of the first draft of Hip hop Chile that managed to transcend the alternative scene.

Zaturno began his career as part of the group Point of Grace, participating in two albums, Human Being (1997) which had the highest sales record in Chile that year, with over 100,000 copies sold getting Disc Gold, Platinum and Double Platinum, then with Decision (1999) earned Gold and Platinum Disc. Decided to leave the group and make the group TapiaRabiaJackson rapper with whom he recorded the album The Connection (2000), Fusion of Styles (2002) Fusion of Styles Vol. 2 (2003). Later begins with a solo career that has the edited 2-disc, Sabor Latino (2005) and the successful Zaturno Space (2008) recorded in Stockholm, Sweden and produced by The Salazar Brothers Red Line Studios. This album features collaborations with musicians from all latitudes as: Jorge González of Chile, Cuban Link, Triple Seis, Noztra, Reychesta New York, Ricky, Advance Patrol MV Bill Sweden and Brazil. With his first single "I'm So" sounds in the main radii of Chile, Latin America and Europe. Note that in the Swedish Radio Metropol was in the top ranking. Due to this success was nominated for Best New Artist at the MTV Latin Awards 2009 nomination did travel to Colombia and share with great artists like Juanes, Shakira and Alejandro Sanz. Zaturno has constantly been showing his work all over Chile and other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil where he made a highly successful South American tour. The year 2010 recorded her third solo album called again Essentials Red Line studies with the production of The Salazar Brothers, 3 Grammy winners in Stockholm, Sweden. The album features the participation of various musicians such as Nicole and Peter Foncea of ​​Chile, Cuban Link, Poe Rilla, Mely Mel New York, USA and recognized artists of the Swedish music scene. The year 2011 goes on sale independently Essential drive through his own label Zaturno Records. Due to the success of the album FeriaMusic Zaturno firm and decides to do a remake of Essential Disco, this time bringing out a double issue that features CD + DVD disc with the videos. His best-known hits are: Lautaro, 2001, so I am, Try to write, Come see, the cover of Your love I will, among others. Each of them with great quality videos that can be viewed through YouTube.

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