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LAKE (US/K records) | Blå

Fredag 19. mars:

100,- + avg./KL. 21:00/ID: 20 ÅR

Lake (Us/K Records)

+ Tender Forever (US/Fr) + Seashore (medl. fra I was a king)+ Dj Tress-is

LAKE startet som et Fleetwood Mac coverband, det kan du høre på den nye plata som de kommer og spiller fra på Blå.

Let’s build a roof, er en varm, psykedelisk og funky retropop-plate, og bandet spiller for første gang i dumpa på Blå.

LAKE is a group of cloudy individuals brought together through lines drawn along Interstate-5, intersecting in olympia on or around 2005. Since forming, they have both gained and lost members, recorded 12 full length albums (only 3 of which have seen proper release), played across the world supporting such talented acts as Adrian Orange and Her Band, Half Handed Cloud, Laura Veirs, and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. The sounds they craft are straight from the playbook of the good parts of Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, and Turkish psychedelic music. Caressing the Rhodes piano, endearing drum fills, guitars that dont sound like guitars, and some slamming bass lines: Listening to LAKE is like pouring sugar in your ears. They’ll turn your brain into chocolate, 67% cacao.

“LAKE is a sonic snapshot from a late-summer road trip. With swooping soundscapes, and plush boy-girl harmonies … they are sure to inspire wanderlust.” -ReadyMade Magazine

Det nye musikalske prosjektet Seashore består av medlemmer fra bejublede I was a king, og befinner seg i samme musikalske gate.
Tender forever

“Tender Forever comes along in tough times. Nobody can ignore the dark places we’ve watched the world go in the past few years. But as divisions grows in the world, so does our ability to connect. Ours is a world exploding with communication and Tender Forever sits neatly in the center of that explosion. Lots of flights and some missed phone calls, friends here, lovers there. Missed connections and connections made. Melanie Valera’s Franco- American pop project spans nationalities and leaps forward towards a world where we can close the gaps between countries, ideologies and ultimately hearts. Move closer. Valera was born in 1977, the year of the punk, and spent her formative years in ...

Dj Tress-is er en dj-trio som spiller alt fra lo-fi garagepop og 80-talls undergrunnsrock til new-/no-/gluewave og tropisk, elektronisk og brooklynsk indie.

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