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ruby suns | Blå

Fredag 7. mai:

100+avg./130 I DØRA/KL. 21:00/ID: 20

The Ruby Suns (NZ) + The Makeouts (S)

‘Ryan McPhun (their prime mover) has the kind of voracious musical mind that cites as equal influences ’80s/’90s New Jack Swing and modern Angolan kuduro, Fleetwood Mac and Britney Spears, Brazilian tropicalia and Argentinean cumbia.

He’s the kind of diligent, meticulous soul that spends days hunched over a laptop in a tiny rented studio in Auckland, NZ just to perfect a sequenced drum track (mission accomplished). Fight Softly’ is the third album by New Zealand’s pop masters The Ruby Suns. And Fight Softly is the kind of head-spinning combination of big-picture vision and sumptuous detail that only comes from an artist with an urgent need to express all the stuff he’s seen. And you can dance to it!

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