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VIS Lollobrigida | Blå

Torsdag 26. august:

Grünerløkka Alternatives pres.:

200 + avgift/KL. 21:00/ID: 18

VIS Lollobrigida + MasseLys

Urban Balkan Series

Grünerløkka Alternatives arrangerer konserter over hele byen og har tidligere hatt konserter med Let3, Rambo Amadeus, UDI med mer.

A project that started off as a mere karaoke attraction, namely Lollobrigida Girls, has now evolved into a fully functional electro-pop-punk band. The two singing baby-dolls (Ida & Petra) grew frustrated of carrying the bags and suitcases stuffed with their many stage costumes and synthesizers, and got themselves some testosterone backup & muscle in form of Mislav (of Superbaked fame), Kleemar (of Kleemar fame), David (of Sphericube fame) and Jernej (of Psycho-Path fame).

With this full strength lineup VIS Lollobrigida have been playing more or less every festival and club scene in the region for several years running. They have appeared at Sziget festival in Budapest, Hungary as well as being pretty much a household band at the EXIT festival in Novi Sad, Serbia (this years forthcoming appearance being their 7th in a row). Binding their time and patiently building their fame through constant touring, the self proclaimed "tinselest" electro bubble gum thrash band of Croatia, has this year been crowned with MTV Europe's award for the Best Regional Act of MTV Adria.

In a region where the rights of the LGB population have never been high on a political and social agenda, this socially aware and openly gay-friendly band has fought to improve the situation through their activism as well as appearing several years in the row at the annual Gay Pride parade in Zagreb, Croatia.

This August, louder, more bizarre and prettier than ever, this amazing kinky-pop tornado will appear in Scandinavia for the first time in their career. Concerts, at Inkonst, Malmö, on Wednesday 25th of August, and Blå, Oslo, on Thursday 26th of August, may just be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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