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Koèju 26 November | Blå

Fredag 26. november:

Live club sessions

100,-/KL. 22:00/ID: 20

Koeju: J. Afsari Rad, G. Nilssen, T. Dahl, K. Mahmudiyan, B. Nhlapo, J. Nordström, S. Blackman

Live music all night // 21.00 - 03.00. Koèju Live Club Sessions.

Collaboration with GLOBAL OSLO MUSIC. Live electronics / Dub-acoustik / Jazz & Visuals
One friday a month at Blå - Guest artists - New expressions & constellations -
Acoustic & electronic music for the dancefloor

- - -


22.00 (Precisely)

BAFANA NHLAPO - Industrial percussion
ÅSMUND SKUTERUD - Keys/Beats (all sets)
FADLABI - Paintbrush

AMINA SEWALI - Vocals & guitar
LUNA - Vocals

JOHANNA NORDSTRöM - Piano & Vocals

VOCALS - Remixed Part 1

GARD NILSSEN - Drums,misc
RUNE NERGAARD-Elbass, misc


AMAZONE - Vocals
JASON NEMOR - Saxpophone
CHARLES - Guitar
DOUDOU - Drums/perc

ÅSMUND : SOLO - Remixed Part 2

DJ Baz  :::  B4/Between/After

- - -

Javid Afsari Rad Born in Isfahan, Iran, Javid Afsari Rad began studying the Santur and the traditional Persian Radif at the age of sixteen with Parviz Meshkatian and master musician Faramarz Payvar. His studies led him to Norway, where he later graduated from the University of Oslo in the field of Musicology. Javid Afsari Rads illustrious career includes solo performances in notable world music festivals in Germany, India, Brazil, Spain, South Africa and Holland as well as ensemble work with world known musicians, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Dr. L. Subramaniam and among others. In Norway, where he has lived since 1986, Javid is known as an innovative performer and an ingenious composer. His highly acclaimed work in 2002 included the album COMBONATIONS featuring well known musicians from Iran, India, China, Morocco, Senegal, Gambia and Brazil and the album CARAVAN with musicians from Iran and India. In the same year, Javid conceived and composed the music for the live concert, ASIATIC CARAVAN featuring musicians and dancers from Iran, China and India. Javid has appeared with Zarbang in numerous prestigious festivals throughout Europe. In 2006 he performed his compositions with the Norwegian Radio Symphonic Orchestra.

Kaveh Mahmudiyan Was Born In Mahabad, Iran In 1983. His Interest On Tombak Has Begun Since His Childhood. At 13, He Began To Get Knows With The Instrument And Started To Get Knows With The Basics Of Tombak Notes And Preliminary Playing Roles Of This Classic Music Instrument. During His First Lessons By Mr. Farhad Bazargan In Fredrikstad, Norway In 1998-2001, He Studied The Playing Methods And Style Of Master Hossein Tehrani. Besides His Hard Exercising On His Own At His Home Studio, He Also Participates In Tombak Lectures Of Mr. Pejman Haddadi, An Excellent Tombak Player From USA. Within All These Years By Experiencing Diverse Playing Styles From Different Tombak Masters From Iran, He Became Experienced And Got A Little Bit More Necessary Clue On How To Play Tombak.

Den allsidige og svært aktive trommeslageren Gard Nilssen har en trio han kaller Bullet. Der har han med seg Rune Nergaard på el-bass og Erlend Slettevoll på tangenter og synth. Her er uttrykket elektrisk og groovy – og det pleier å swinge hemningsløst!

Gard Nilssen is a norwegian drummer, based in Oslo. His main projects includes bands like PUMA, Bushman..s Revenge, Lord Lelvin and Bullet-check out their brand new records!!! He also plays with Lars Horntveth, Zanussi 5, Mathias Eick, and too many other constellations.
Gard Nilssen has played and worked with among others (in no particular order): Ole Erik Ulvin, Rune Nergaard, Even Hermansen, Stian Westerhus, Øystein Moen, Jørgen Mathisen, Eirik Hegdal, Erik Johannessen, Jon Balke, Django Bates, Bugge Wesseltoft, Håkon Kornstad, Ståle Storløkken, Audun Kleive, Eivind Aarseth, Lasse Marhaug, Lars Horntveth, KORK, Ola Kvernberg, Kjetil Møster, Per Zanussi, Rolf Erik Nystrøm, Mats Eilertsen (...) & many others.

Erlend Slettevoll is a norwegian jazz pianist. Since graduating from the jazz department at NTNU (Trondheim) in 2005, he has been based in Oslo, working as a professional musician. As a member of some of norways most active and accomplished groups, he has toured the US, Asia and Europe extensively for the past years. Over the last five years, he has contributed on more than 20 full albums, including award-winning albums with The Core and Petter Wettre Quartet. Working with Petter Wettre, he also been performing as a soloist with the Norwegian broadcasting orchestra. Throughout his career, he has performed with many norwegian and international jazzmusicians, among others (in random order) Kjetil Møster, Steinar Raknes, Håkon Mjåset Johansen, Espen Aalberg, Jørgen Mathisen, Petter Wettre, John Surman, Sonny Fortune, Karin Krog, James Carter, Ola Kvernberg, Django Bates, Nils-Olav Johansen, Jonas Kullhammar, Magnus Broo, Jonas Westergaard, the Norwegian broadcasting orchestra etc.

Rune Nergaard is a norwegian bass player. He plays in several bands/ensembles: Bushman's revenge, Meander, Humvee, Team Hegdal, Bullet, Marvel Machine.

Thomas Dahl (gitar)kjem frå Karmøy, men har budd i Bergen fleire år.Han er utdanna ved Jazzlina i Trondheim. Gjennom åra har mange høyrt han saman med m.a. Krøyt, Ephemera, i Ole Hamre sitt prosjekt ”Fonomatopoetikon” eller i bandet til Marion Raven. Thomas underviser ved jazzlina på Griegakademiet. I 2002 fekk han VossaJazz-prisen.

Johanna Nordström defines pop in her own way. With unexpected piano grooves and direct lyrics, she tackels love from different angles. She brought her songs and a mobile studio to Havanna, Göteborg, Berlin and Cape Verde and hooked up with the local stars. In parks, home studios, hotel rooms and a carpentry, she recorded her debut album TRUE OR NOT. A diversity of rythms and sounds got it's final shape in the mixing studio together with Petter Eriksson (Daniel Lemma, Kultiration, Jaquee). Ten indpendent songs exposes Johanna Nordströms voice and ardent presence in every step of the production.

Innovative percussions and vocalist, currently living in South Africa. Member of the band: Kwani Experience

Sheldon Blackman & The Soul Rebels The music I share is like food for the soul and enlightenment to the spirit, colourfull like the rainbow. Call it what you like, I call it "JAMOO" the gospel of Soca!! Roots, urban, Caribbean, conscientious heartbeat music. From conception, music has been an integral part of Sheldons life, he has grown up playing in a family band "The Love Circle" where his natural love for music was recognised at an early age and nurtured by the expert hand of his father the late great Ras Shorty I, pioneer of the musical genres of Soca and Jamoo- and father of the family band The Love circle. Sheldon Blackman, a bandleader, an accomplished composer, arranger, singer and musician, has accumulated an extensive collection of work and to see him live is to experience true world music fusion.

Baz is a beatmaker as well as a DJ, and have released music on the London label Wahwah45s together with the singer Luna, and also on NYC label Bagpak Records. New music from Baz is out NOW on the compilation: Produced in Norway vol.2 (Plastic Strip Press).

AMAZONE ::: http://www.myspace.com/amazonespace

FADLABI ::: http://www.fadlabi.com/

AMINA SEWALI ::: http://www.myspace.com/aminasewali

LUNA ::: http://www.myspace.com/lunabazis

ØYSTEIN BENDOS ::: http://www.myspace.com/payperfrog

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Organisasjonen Global Oslo Music arbeider for å fremme den nye generasjonen av crossover-musikk -et kunstfelt kjennetegnet av artister som inngår samarbeid på tvers av ulike kulturer som gjerne munner ut i sjangeroverskridende, ny musikk der grensene mellom verdensmusikk, klubb, elektronika, hip-hop, slam, pop m.m. viskes ut. Som en av partnerne i Snelda andelslag er Global Oslo Music med i arbeidet for å sikre øya “Snelda” i Bjørvika til kulturformål.

Koèju is a club concept, which has established an unique combination of electronic and acoustic live music. Always with lots of guest artists, new song material and pulsating rhythms for the dancefloor. After a successful winter season with regular clubnights at Nomaden in Oslo, the Koèju project has moved to the live music / club venue at Blå.

Koèju begynte med faste jam sessions på Nomaden i 2005, med kontrabass, cajon, gitar/elektronikk + gjesteartister. I årene som fulgte ble det konserter og klubbopptredener på diverse steder i Oslo/Bergen som Landmark, MS Innvik, Sosialen, Emil og Samuel, Mogador, og i flere andre land, bl.a. med en rekke klubbkvelder i Shanghai i 2007 sammen med pipaspiller Tong Lan og VJ ExitNor. I september 2009 begynte en ny serie med med sessions på Nomaden, denne gangen i større format, og med et nytt musikkkonsept (inkl. gjesteartister) hver uke. Det etablerte seg raskt som et møtepunkt for musikere, mye på grunn av en litt uvanlige beatbasert jam session rettet mot et dansende publikum. Blandt gjesteartistene var Celio de Carvalho, Steinar Ofsdal, Selecta Harmony, Becaye Aw, Kenneth Ekornes, Per Zanussi, Andre Roligheten, Luison Capote, Luis Landa-Schreitt, Sara Chen, Dominic Reuben, og Underdogs International.

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