Onsdag 23. mars:

Skogknitring, skogdub og mange rare instrumenter.

TBA/KL. 20:00/ID: 18

Klubb Vriompeis: Phonophani (Rune Grammofon) + Pierre Bastien (FR)

Klubb Vriompeis er BLÅ sin forkningsklubb. Her putter vi støy, drone, syrerock etc. 

Bastien & Sommer Eide’s instruments and machines cannot be found in a music shop. They don't hide in a steel case labeled by a top Japanese brand. The instruments and mechanisms are made personally with a screwdriver and soldering iron in their studios in Bergen and Rotterdam.
“The listeners of our concerts are also viewers and explorers: they travel into the sound; walking inside the composition to discover new shapes of music to come.”

Serien er støttet av Norsk Kulturråd.

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