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Example 13.mars 2012 | Blå

Tirsdag 13. mars:

BLÅ & Atomic soul pres.:

140,- + avg /KL. 21:00/ID: 18

Example (UK)

Eksentrisk UK MC

Example har medvind. For to år siden spilte han support for Calvin Harris o siden det har hatt tre utsolgte turneer og var andre "headliner" på Glastonbury sin John Peel kuraterte scene.  ?

“If we don’t kill ourselves we’ll be the leaders of a messed-up generation…”

Examples siste album "Won´t Go Quietly" solgte til gull i Storbritannia og låta "Kickstarts" har blitt spilt/sett 10,9 millioner ganger på YouTube(!). Han har og samarbeidet med Wretch32, Giggs og Skream.

Her er non fine svar Example har gitt om sitt album og det å være en stjerne:

"I had to be careful when I spoke to my girlfriend about this stuff in case she thought it meant we were in a tough place” he says. “But tough places give me inspiration. She gets unhappy about me going away for a month. She wants to know when we’re getting married, but I’m worried that being comfortable and having a family will mean I can’t write songs that touch people anymore.”

“The music industry puts a lot of strain on your relationships and your social life,” Example says. “There’s always the pressure to drink all night and to stay up for days and to cheat. If it’s not pressure then it’s opportunity, endless opportunity. This whole album is me asking, should I be doing drugs? Should I be drinking? Should I commit? Should I stop partying? Should I settle down?”

Example sine inspirasjonskilder er så mangt: Blur, Nirvana, Motown, rave, Wu Tang, Jay-Z og Slick Rick.

Dette sier Example om sie låter og som entertainer på scenen:

“The songs are all about the same thing. They’re all about love. I know what my strengths are. I’m not in the Top Ten Rappers or the Top Ten Singers in the country, but I‘m a  good songwriter and a good performer. My gigs convert people. My live show is full on all the way through. The last 20 minutes is a relentless rave – whoever’s on after me is fucked!”

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