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30.mars | Literary Death Match | Blå

Fredag 30. mars:

Forhåndssalg:100 / 150 i døra/KL. 19:00/ID: 20

Literary Death Match

Suksessen fra Los Angeles endelig i Norge!

4 forfattere utfordres til å lese de mest nervepirrende, sexy og elektriske passasjer fra forfatterskapet sitt foran et sarkastisk og mer humoristisk enn kritisk ekspertpanel. 

Literary Death Match brings together four authors to read their most electric writing for seven minutes or less before a panel of three all-star judges. After each pair of readers, the judges take turns spouting hilarious, off-the-wall commentary — in the categories of literary merit, performance and intangibles — about each story, poem or otherwise, then select their favorite to advance to the finals.

The two finalists then compete in the Literary Death Match finale, which trades in the show’s literary sensibility for an absurd and comical climax to determine who takes home the Literary Death Match crown.

 The night's foursome of readers will include illustrator and children's book author REIDAR KJELDSEN (the mind behind Otto Monster), columnist and fictionist JAN GRUE (author of Alt under kontroll), poet wunderkind HILDE SUSAN JÆGTNES , and cultural commentator GURO SIBEKO (author of Vingespenn, Ctrl+Alt+Delete and children's book Blodmånenatta)!

They'll be judged by Shining's multi-talented frontman JØRGEN MUNKEBY, Vom and Ontz vocalist MAI ELSE SOLBERG, journalist/musician SVEIN EGIL HATLEVIK.

Hosted by LDM creator Todd Zuniga.  

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