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Dimensions 2013 launch party m/Wbeeza & Hnny | Blå

Torsdag 16. mai:

Launch Party

150,-/KL. 20:00/ID: 20

Dimensions 2013: WBEEZA + HNNY

Resident: Jeff, Mondaysdriv, Armiwerx

This is an official Dimensions Launch Party Oslo 2013. Once again we are pushing the boundaries. On this day we will make u remember a club night in Oslo. Join us on our trip to Pula, Croatia in September for Dimensions Festival and lets make 2013 a memorable year of underground electronic music.


Resident: Jeff, Mondaysdriv, Armiwerx

Wbeeza is one of the new generation of electronic dance music producers redefining what House music is. Bringing elements of House, Hip Hop, Bass music, Techno, Jazz, Funk, Soul and Noise together. Wbeeza is known for his recordings on Third Ear Recordings and for his much talked-about live show where he uses loops and tools he has created to make music that is never the same two nights in a row. In this sense he is a true Jazz artist.. creating music live and on the fly, in the moment in a way few electronic dance music artists do or are capable of.


HNNY (preferably pronounced "honey") is probably the hottest producer of dance music to come out of Sweden since ABBA. The young Stockholm native debuted with an unlikely, hypnotic Mariah Carey edit released on Studio Barnhus in 2011. The year after that he broke through in the underground house scene with his smash hit "For The Very First Time", released on Local Talk, as well as a much sought-after Steve Reich edit 12''. So far, 2013 has seen the release of another sure shot house anthem, "Yearning" (again on Local Talk), and a simple yet brilliant edit of Brandy & Monica currently doing the rounds as a limited white label.

Put HNNY in a DJ booth and you'll hear an expertly mixed set of underground club music new and old, with fond memories of the old school and a steady gaze set on the future of dance music.


Dimensions Festival:
Billetter: http://dimensionsfestival2013-sirup.eventbrite.co.uk

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