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Klubb Koèju 12.apr | Blå

Fredag 12. april:

100/KL. 23:00/ID: 20

Klubb Koeju :: live electronics


A new Koèju club night! Musicians replacing the DJ - playing energetic club music 100% live. Explorations on the leading edge of live beats

Beyond the world of playback loops and pre-recordings comes a dazzlingly original sensation in clubbing. We present Koèju, a group of innovative digital musicians pioneering a new frontier of live, improvised, real-time mix-it-up electronica. Come and join us (at blå) for a cutting edge night of crazy aural magic and live-made beats bursting with the high-octane joy of genre-mixing, improvisation, free flow - and whatever else the moment asks. Come and hear the future of hand-crafted electronica. Come, dance where we are!

A club concept dedicated to live dance music. Host band, guest artists, new expressions, live beats, electronic & acoustic music for the dancefloor. Previous guest artists: Bilal (US) & band, Stian Carstensen, Eivind Aarset, Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, Arve Henriksen, Karl Seglem, Steinar Ofsdal, Mathias Eick, Rajasthan Roots, Mathias Stubø, Nosizwe Baqwa, Thomas Strønen, Morten Qvenild, Quick Crew (Dance), Per Oddvar Johansen and many others! www.koeju.com

Live Club Sessions arranged in collaboration with GLOBAL OSLO MUSIC

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