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Playground m/Nisekay (UK) | Blå

Fredag 28. juni:


100,-/KL. 23:00/ID: 20

Playground m/Nisekay (UK)

+ residents: da la Penha & Aleksander Vassdal

Playground is the new underground concept at Blå inspired by the Chicago House and Detroit Techno movement lived in the 90's where people would gather together in big warehouses where only music and few lights would create a unique universe.

The concept transports all that atmosphere to present time in a raw and underground way where people can feel comfortable to go away from theirselves enjoying only underground music.

Our first guest is Nisekay (London/UK), the label boss and promoter of Lo*kee, one of the best underground labels in the UK.

PG01 @ BLÅ - 28 juni 2013
- Nisekay (lo*kee/London UK)
- de la Penha (Playground/No)
- Aleksander Vassdal (Playground/No)

Nisekay is best known for being one of the founders and driving forces behind the infamous Lokee parties in London. Now a world-renowned underground club night, Mixmag reviewed Lokee to be “the best (and most private) Sunday afternoon rendezvous to hit East London in a long time”

The Candy Factory ( the original Lokee venue ) was Nisekay's home. His living room was the dance-floor and his kitchen was the bar. His dedication to putting on the best parties never faltered.

The turntables of Lokee were his training ground and since those humble beginnings back in 2008, Nisekay has gone on to DJ all over the world. Regular slots at Fabric in London and Wilde Renate in Berlin came alongside bookings in Mexico, Colombia, Russia, India, Ibiza, Italy, Holland & Bulgaria.

By now a pillar of the scene in London, Nisekay headed the launch of Lokee Musik, a record label set up to showcase the talents of Lokee's guests and its residents. The debut release of Lokee Musik was quickly picked up by DJ mag as record of the month, further confounding Nisekay's reputation as a key player in the electronic music scene.

By now, spending lots of time in the studio, Nisekay's debut release is coming up soon on Lokee Musik.

His style draws elements of House, Techno, Disco & Acid and his DJ sets are always focused on the dance floor.

Following his formative years as a party warrior, Nisekay (DJ, producer and co-creator of lo*kee) was born out of a love for a good party.


de la Penha (Playground/No)
de la Penha is Dj based in Oslo who started Djing in school parties when he was a teenager. Born and raised in Portugal, de la Penha has spent most of his teenage years going to parties, getting influenced by the big techno movement in Portugal during the 90s.

Since then house, techno and minimal have been his main music reference, creating his own mixing style, getting influenced by other Dj's & producers, friends, personal experiences and all kinds of sounds and music styles.

Since 2009, de la Penha has established himself in Oslo where he plays and presents his own club night concepts in some of the best club venues in Oslo, as BLÅ, Fisk & Vilt, Jaeger, The Villa, Turkish Delight and other venues around Oslo.

de la Penha plays long sets, creating hypnotic journeys with high tech electronic sounds that can go from techno to minimal and house.

 Aleksander Vassdal (Playground/No)

 Playground - the club where only music and people coexist in a parallell universe.

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