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Wayne Marshall | Blå

Fredag 22. mars:

Klubb & Konsert

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Wayne Marshall

Jah Ark Manifest

Wayne Marshall’s story is one of rites of passage. Born Wayne Mitchell, the roller coaster ride that made up his young life is what drives Wayne Marshall the artiste.

Early years were spent in the Barbican area of Kingston, until his Father - a self-made successful businessman – relocated the family uptown.

Destiny moved the Mitchell family 3 doors away from the front gate of the Father of digital Dancehall, Lloyd “King Jammy” James. The King had sons of young Wayne’s age group, so the Waterhouse studio soon became a pre-ordained second home for the music-loving teenager. “Automatically we get a piece of the ghetto inna we too,” he tells me from my passenger seat, trying to absorb the fast-fading cool of the A/C in my whip. “We deh deep inna di ghetto a day time at the studio, so we get to realize the livety and we get fi soak in wid the ghetto people and ketch dem mentality to a level,” he adds, acknowledging the importance of the ghetto education he received at ‘Jammin’s’ studio. Sparring with the big man’s offspring meant that the studio was at their disposal, causing Wayne to “start checking music on a serious level” from an early age. It was early ‘94 and Bounty Killer was as hot as Hell. Marshall recalls Elephant Man in tear-up clothes, Determine begging. Big artists came and went all day long. “At King Jammy’s I got to know the ropes in the deep heart of Dancehall - dub plate style!”

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